There are few colors that are as recognizable as Ferrari Red. If you have ever dreamt of being in an exotic, luxury or sports car, it is likely that you have pictured a Ferrari. This type of car ticks all the boxes for style, speed and talk ability. At Diplomat Rentals, we have a great number of Ferraris for you to choose from, because we understand why you need to make an impression. Here is an idea of what you should look for from one of the most sought out exotic cars in the industry.

Los Angeles #1 Rated For Ferrari Rentals

We have a fantastic fleet of Ferraris for our customers to choose from, especially considering taste and expectations. If you are sure of what type of Ferrari you want to drive, all you may be choosing from our options are your preferred colors and models. If you have never driven a Ferrari before, and have no idea how to choose from our amazing offerings, we will be on hand to help you based on what you want to experience or achieve. The models that are most popular from our fleet include the Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari F430 Racing Version, and the Ferrari 430 Spider. You can also choose to rent a coupe or a classic convertible for your experience. Whichever choice you make, you are guaranteed a once in a lifetime, totally unforgettable experience that will make you the envy of all your fears.

Why Choose a Ferrari?

With so many luxury car options available, why would you want to choose a Ferrari? The reasons are numerous. The first comes down to knowing that the Ferrari Rental Los Angeles will give you a brilliant thrill – after all, it has done this for so many people. Second, there is the front mounted V8 engine that makes you feel fully in control so that you have a power rush. This engine will help you experience the smoothest handling possible, so that you glide along the busy roads of Los Angeles. There are also few cars that can match the Ferrari for speed. You can easily accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in under 4 seconds.


Getting The Keys to Your Rental

Excited already? Well, you should be. Here is how you can get your hands on a set of keys. First, you need to be 23 years or older to rent a car. Once you have picked the Ferrari you prefer, you should make a deposit, which can be full refunded to you once the car has been returned and inspected. Not to worry, refunds are typically processed within 5 business days following the end of the rental. To ensure that you are not disappointed by missing out on your Ferrari of choice, make sure that you create a booking well in advance. This way, you can have your Ferrari Rental Los Angeles delivered straight to you, as long as you are in Los Angeles. You can enjoy the car for a total of 150 miles per day with no additional charge.