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Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder


Make: Lamborghini
Model: Gallardo LP550-2
Type: 2 Door
Class: Exotic Car
Horsepower: 543
Ft-Lbs: 398
0-60: 3.7 seconds
24 Hour Rate: $999 + tax
6 Hour Rate: $499 + tax

First 150 miles free

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Lamborghini Gallardo Rental Los Angeles

Of all the exotic, ultra-luxury car rentals in Los Angeles, the Lamborghini Gallardo is among the top choices. The Gallardo is a high-performance supercar thanks to the 543hp V-10 engine that epitomizes the alliance of power and agility — the mark of modern performance.

It’s a car that is not only suitable for the race track but also long-distance driving. It is easy to control the supercar even at high speeds and still maintain stability.

Its razor-sharp body design gives it a sleek profile; an exquisite exterior built to challenge the idea of beauty while its trapezoidal geometry at the front face gives the vehicle a cool and an aggressive look.

And a wonderful interior built to impress

The interior of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 boasts of luxurious leather seats, navigation, satellite radio and keyless entry among many impressive features. The cabin is very comfortable while the seats are bolstered and made firm. There is enough room to put your bags and small suitcases with a rear cargo space of about 4 cubic meters.

So…whatever you want to do with your Lamborghini Gallardo…

Whether you want to:

  • Head to Tandem Sky Diving in Los Angeles to experience the thrill of skydiving…and pull out your best Superman impression.
  • Treat you husband or boyfriend for a drive in the most aggressive, stylish and agile supercar.
  • Rock your tradeshows, movies, photography or weddings.
  • Or, you simply want the giddy feeling in your stomach while on the throttle?

Lamborghini Gallardo can do the trick…effortlessly

Diplomat will deliver the raging bull right at your feet

Let us know your physical location around Los Angeles. We will deliver this car straight to your hotel/location within Los Angeles free of charge with a complimentary pickup.

And let you enjoy the first 150 free miles of a rewarding driving experience in the Gallardo LP 550-2… at a great price.

Diplomat rentals give more perks…at the SAME price:

  • Free delivery with complimentary pick up directly to your location.
  • Fully detailed Gallardo supercar with a full gas tank.
  • One-way rental service
  • 24 hours personal assistance availability.
  • Quality Service from one of the best exotic car rental companies in Los Angeles.

But… don’t take our word for it…

Do you want to experience a temporary ownership of Gallardo?

So, make your reservation today with Diplomat rentals… And get a rare opportunity to experience the incredible power of a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 for yourself.

Rent a Lamborghini in Vegas today!

And hit Los Angeles, Phoenix, Reno or whichever town that serves as your destination.

  • 24 Hour Rate $999 (+ tax)
  • 6 hour $499 (+ tax)
  • For more information or inquiries about our quality services contact us today.