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Range Rover Supercharged


Make: Land Rover
Model: Range Rover Supercharged
Type: 4 Door
Class: Luxury SUV
Horsepower: 510
Ft-Lbs: 461
0-60: 4.3 seconds
24 Hour Rate: $399 + tax

First 150 miles free

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Range Rover Supercharged Rental LA

Range Rover marks a radical reinvention of the iconic British brand in a decade. This redesign has seen the SUV use aluminum to its core, resulting in a 700-lb weight loss and an increase in the fuel efficiency. The car caters to your every conceivable need – luxury, practicality, and staggering off-road prowess. It is one of the SUVs that have won the hearts of many on American soil and beyond…Including celebrities such as David Beckham, Ashley Tisdale, and Alessandra Ambrosio…it is a long list.

Making it one of the excellent, classy rental cars in Los Angeles. Why is it such a catch? It is because of its…

The SUV sports 340 of promising horsepower from its supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine…

And 8-speed automatic and four-wheel drive that offers you a cool compromise between power and efficiency.

It is quicker and lighter on the road and has more off-road hardware integrated into its stouter and stiffer body.

Its new full aluminum frame is riveted and bonded with aerospace glue similar to most of the Boeing aircraft.

What’s more…?

It’s standard and long wheelbase models are equally posh and feature a long list of high-tech gizmos.

It’s elegantly styled exterior brings the essence of a country estate

Someone may be forgiven to think that a Range Rover is always better dressed than its driver or passengers. The Range Rover’s recognizable shape is just the perfect balance of its heritage-infused details and untouched expanse of bodywork and glass.

Its cabin has that exquisite finish that you would expect of a Range Rover. The frontal LED lights are slimmer, trimmer and perfectly faired-in fog lamps.

The rear-tapered design of the Range Rover has a silver finish along the sills and lesser weight.

Impressive street handling

The Land Rover Range Rover’s lightweight goes a long way to providing for an excellent street handling ability in the conventional American city.

This is due to a combination of the light-weight and control-arm front suspension, multi-link rear, adaptive set of air dampeners and variable-ratio electrical power.

So anytime you need a super ride in a machismo-wielding SUV and a faithful car-rental company.

Whether you need:

  • To drive around Los Angeles and its environs, and enjoy the scenery
  • to attend functions and events;
  • to treat your family to a cozy ride during your vacation;
  • or, for tradeshows, movies, photography, and weddings

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